Firm Profile

Founded in 1992, in Los Angeles, California, Vert Architects provides comprehensive architectural and environmentally sustainable design services.   We believe that buildings and spaces have significant impact on daily life, and should be consistent and harmonious with the environment.   Our integrated approach combines the creation of architecture forms with landscape design, interior design, and design of custom made furniture and built-ins, using minimalistic modern materials to create unique and captivating spaces.

In our work, we seek to create a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor, bringing elements of each into the other and intentionally blurring the line between constructed and innate landscape.   The heightened experimental quality and the materialization of ideas and concepts is achieved through manipulation of spaces, consistency in the design while designating both building and garden as space for living.

Vert Architects strives to redefine in each project the common perception of space and material, and evoke powerful emotion within the space we occupy.   The firm is committed to the highest standard of professional practice, creating architecture that provides long term value to our clients and to those who occupy our buildings.

Firm Philosophy

Vert Architects, believes that a building is inextricably linked to its environment and the culture beyond its physical boundaries.   Each project is unique. Our focus and vision is to take advantage of each project’s site and surroundings, using architecture to integrate and highlight its unique features.   This approach has become our guiding principle.   The forms we create acquire meaning through natural elements such as light, water, shadow, and reflections, and their interaction with the space created.   Nature is respected in every element of the design and building process, using advanced technology and green resources.

We believe that there is always more than one underlying aesthetics or intellectual idea.   Our intention in the design process is to create a true sense of spaciousness and a dynamic line of motion, bringing attention to the three dimensional volume, a building detail, or a piece of designed furniture.   This approach produces a particular spirit of modernism, one in which spaces are articulated through layered plans, where a limited range of material is used, and details are minimalistic.   Light, water and color are introduced to intensify an effect, and landscape is carefully integrated within the built project.   This streamlined concept, while using modern technology, eliminates superfluous elements and results in a clear intense perception of the architectural solution.