Stone Canyon House
Los Angeles, CA

The house is built on a long narrow site, with a 3 foot setback from the neighbors on each side.   At the owner’s request, the house was designed as an open steel frame structure, since the original house was destroyed in the 1994 Los Angeles earthquake.   A vaulted exposed wood double height ceiling above the living and dining area create the look and feel of a loft; a free standing staircase leading to a mezzanine and a hallway overlooking the main living space create spaciousness.   The garden and exterior spaces are a natural extension of the interior living spaces, where large expanses of glass create a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor.   A dialogue of light, shadow and reflection is achieved as a free standing fireplace raises as an extension of the pool's retaining wall to penetrate the floor to ceiling glass wall and define the end of the living space.

Juergen Nogai

Stone Canyon House